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British Science Week 2021

What an incredible week we have all had celebrating British Science Week 2021!


Throughout school we have been followed STEM planning to learn and explore Plants and Animals including Humans. You can find these resources and planning here:


We have also been extremely excited to join Encounter Edu on their live channel to experience Lambing, Farm Robots, The Life Cycle of the Chicken and the role of a Farm Vet. If you missed out on this you can find the sessions here:


We've enjoyed learning about how to plant seeds and what seeds need to grow, testing these in environments to investigate what plants need to grow. 



Hillary Class

We took part in some gardening, learning about what plants, flowers and bulbs require to grow. We also named the parts of a plant and learning about what the roots, stem and leaves do.

The children enjoyed watched the lambing video and learnt about baby animals and their mummy’s. We found out which animals are born live and which ones hatch from an egg. The children set up their own farm and thought about the types of animals that live on a farm and also what animals need to be well looked after.

Tyndale Class

The children began by writing poems about the soil and what the soil actually does. They then followed this with a survey of different bread flavours and turned that into a block graph. On Wednesday we looked at balanced meals and healthy plates this led us onto designing our own healthy meals. After that we looked at the environmental challenges with locally sourced food, food packaging and air miles. This led the children into designing their own foods. Finally we looked at gardens and the importance of flowers in the garden.