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  Home Learning

Good Morning sorry I have not been in touch sooner as I am in school with the KS2 Key Worker Bubble. We hope that remote learning will look different this time and that as the teacher I will have more face to face time with the childrten. We are not sure how it will all work but we will be on this voyage of discovery together. For today it is week 6 of the Spellings. We will try to keep to the weekly spellings and will hopefully do them from a Moday to Monday as usual. So if the children can have a go at the week 6 spellings and see how many they get. I will also post the next 6 weeks worth of spellings for them to learn and practice weekly. I will also post today a set of guided reading resources for each child. I would recomment reading the extract on the screen and answering the questions on a piece of paper. Hopefully this will cut down on sheets being cut out. As with all other activities pick and choose which suit your situation.