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Remote learning

Information about our remote learning provision

Remote Education School Self-evaluation January 2021

Destination September'  Teachers and senior leaders across SNMAT and our school have been working on a  programme of learning to support children to practise some key skills in reading, writing and maths.

The programme is called ‘Destination September’ as it was initially intended for summer catch up following school closure in 2020. This resource includes clear teacher instruction followed by activities to practise and consolidate learning and can be used at any time. Mr Furnival joined the Maths team to provide some of the maths lessons. Click on the image to access the lessons:

Activities based around spring time for our youngest children - Foundation stage /Early Years

Activities based around spring time for our children from 5-11 years.

Some brilliant ideas - I especially like the playdough recipe, the sort/count/match/share and the lets go shopping in our own homes activities.