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Nightingale Y1&2

smileyWelcome to Nightingale Class with Miss Pettit and Mrs Greensmiley

Well done everyone for some wonderful home learning.


It is lovely to have all the children back in Nightingale class. We are currently enjoying working on our geography topic, Beside the Seaside. We are also doing some wonderful outdoor learning as we learn about animals and their habitats in science. Please go to the knowledge organiser area of our website to find our key learning for these areas. Check our Class Dojo page too.

During the Spring term and as part of our home learning, we learnt all about The Great Fire of London. The children were absolutely amazing when learning about this topic at home. We made our own Tudor houses to help us learn why this fire was so great!

We also learnt a song to help us remember facts about the Great Fire. Here's our video of our home/school learning song, The Great Fire of London: September 1666. We hope you enjoy!

Here is the link to watch our nativity. Massive well done to all the children who have worked really hard learning their lines, songs and acting out their parts. Thank you so much to Miss Jackson and Miss Lamb for all their help and hard work directing and recording this. Thank you to Mr Harris for putting the video together. I hope you all enjoy watching it just as much as I did.

Merry Christmas to you all. 

Love from Miss Pettit.

Gardening and growing

During the autumn term, as part of our recovery curriculum, the children loved gardening in our garden area. We learnt lots of skills such as team work, speaking and listening and what plants need to grow. We also learnt that we are all different and need a good environment to grow, just like the plants. Here are some of the pictures of our fanastic gardening. 


We are working really hard on our cursive handwriting, forming all our letters correctly. We know that all letters must start from the line and end on the line. See below rhymes that could help with those particularly tricky letters. 



Handwriting paper for practising at home

Ten frames to support learning number bonds to 5, 10 and 20. These can be used to put a number of counters or coins on the ten frame and then count the gaps to see how many are left to make 5, 10 or 20.

Booklets for parents containing the curriculum expectations for year 1 and 2

Helpful websites


Hit the Button - a great game for learning number bonds, doubles and halves, multiplication and division facts.


Daily 10 - you can practise all sorts of maths questions to help develop your confidence.


See the year 1 and 2 curriculum booklets for maths and phonics apps and games to support with learning.


Learning songs 

Months of the year

What time is it?

7 continents

5 oceans

Hollabaloo – greater than less than song

Banana banana meatball -

Five little ducks


Counting - Count by 1s to 20

Counting - Count by 1's to 50

Counting - Count Backwards By 1s From 100 | Jack Hartmann

Odd and even numbers

Three times table -


Tricky words songs

Geraldine the Giraffe - We enjoy watching Geraldine being cheeky as she learns her phonics sounds. 

Check her out by going to her channel or you can search Geraldine the Giraffe into Youtube followed by the sound you want to watch.


Number bonds to 10 song