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Nightingale Y1&2

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Welcome back to a busy term in Nightingale class.

We are learning all about Our local area as our geography topic this term. So far we have been learning where Gamston is, locating Gamston on a map, in an atlas, on the globe and using Digimaps online. We know Gamston is in Nottinghamshire, in England, in the United Kingdom which is in the continent of Europe. We have learnt about the points of the compass, north, east, south and west. We have also been looking for human and physical geographical features in our local area.


We are excited to go on a walk around Gamston village. We will also be visiting Sherwood Forest to help us learn about the history of our local area. For more information on what we are learning about at the moment, please go to the knowledge organiser area of our page, where you will find knowledge organisers for Our local area and our science learning this term, all about Seasons and daily weather. 

Meet the teacher PowerPoint - guidance for parents from the meeting on Tuesday 21st September

Booklets for parents containing the curriculum expectations for year 1 and 2

Helpful websites


Hit the Button - a great game for learning number bonds, doubles and halves, multiplication and division facts.


Daily 10 - you can practise all sorts of maths questions to help develop your confidence.


See the year 1 and 2 curriculum booklets for maths and phonics apps and games to support with learning.


Learning songs 

Months of the year

What time is it?

7 continents

5 oceans

Hollabaloo – greater than less than song

Banana banana meatball -

Five little ducks


Counting - Count by 1s to 20

Counting - Count by 1's to 50

Counting - Count Backwards By 1s From 100 | Jack Hartmann

Odd and even numbers

Three times table -


Tricky words songs

Geraldine the Giraffe - We enjoy watching Geraldine being cheeky as she learns her phonics sounds. 

Check her out by going to her channel or you can search Geraldine the Giraffe into Youtube followed by the sound you want to watch.