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Be the best you can be


It was great to see so many at the After School football club tonight. Also delighted to see lots of girls joining and making a real difference. Let’s keep building, it would be great to have a girls team as well as the boys next season. 

The first group of our new Sports Leaders got a chance to try out some of their new skills whilst working with Nightingale Class. They have been planning to deliver their own sessions and think about the 4 key elements PACE.

Olympic Day

Today was Olympic Day in Tyndale. After the uplifting opening ceremony the children got into their countries. The 8 events were archery, shooting, rugby, football, golf, basketball, javelin and rounders. The children posted some fantastic scores.

Monday morning PE. Today was rounders and lots of hand eye coordination was needed. As always the children gave it everything.

The second part of our virtual target challenge has now been completed. Today the children had to shoot the tennis ball through the target gates and hit the back target. 2 points if it went through the gate and 5 if it hit the target. Each child had 6 shots with a maximum of 30 points on offer. Everyone had 2 goes and their best score was counted.

This morning we started our new term with archery. To say the children were excited was an understatement. They were absolutely brilliant with both listening and accuracy.

Today was the last day of our Cricket for this year. We put all our skills together to demonstrate what we had learned throughout the term.

This morning we put all our athletics skills together in a very different relay challenge. All the children worked incredibly hard. It was great to see the powerful arms and the smooth transition when handing over the baton.

We started our summer virtual challenge today. This has replaced our visits to other schools to compete. Challenge 1 was how many bean bags could we land in each hula hoop? The children each had 6 bean bags. Each one landed scores 2 points. So the children were looking for a maximum of 12. It was amazing how many children either scored 6 or 8 on their first attempt.