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The second part of our virtual target challenge has now been completed. Today the children had to shoot the tennis ball through the target gates and hit the back target. 2 points if it went through the gate and 5 if it hit the target. Each child had 6 shots with a maximum of 30 points on offer. Everyone had 2 goes and their best score was counted.

This morning we started our new term with archery. To say the children were excited was an understatement. They were absolutely brilliant with both listening and accuracy.

Today was the last day of our Cricket for this year. We put all our skills together to demonstrate what we had learned throughout the term.

This morning we put all our athletics skills together in a very different relay challenge. All the children worked incredibly hard. It was great to see the powerful arms and the smooth transition when handing over the baton.

We started our summer virtual challenge today. This has replaced our visits to other schools to compete. Challenge 1 was how many bean bags could we land in each hula hoop? The children each had 6 bean bags. Each one landed scores 2 points. So the children were looking for a maximum of 12. It was amazing how many children either scored 6 or 8 on their first attempt.

This was the first day we were able to explore the new outdoor climbing frame. To say the children were excited was a bit of an understatement.

It is a great addition in the playground and gives us all the opportunity to get fitter whilst having fun and exploring.

Monday is Athletics day and today we were working on relay and how we hand over a baton to our partner safely and also we tried to maintain momentum. We also were able to put our running styles into practise and help us all to move down the track safer and quicker.

This week we moved on to looking at our batting. Balancing was our first challenge. Could we balance a bean bag on the flat of a cricket bat? This was followed by weaving in and out of cones, still balancing. Finally we used the bigger tennis balls to dribble around a target area. It’s amazing how are skills are improving.

Today in cricket we were working on both our underarm and overarm throwing. We looked in particular at throwing accurately and with pace.

This week in our cricket the children were working on their bowling action. Keeping an eye on the wicket and keeping a star shape to bowl. The session was finished with a game of who could land the ball on the triangle of cones. This was done to encourage the children to get the ball to bounce before it hit the wickets.


This half term the children are focusing on running techniques. This includes getting into the ready position. This is followed by focusing down the track and using their legs and arms to drive them forwards. All the children were put through their paces today.