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This week we welcomed the return of the cricket coach to Gamston. Luckily the sun was shining and the children had a brilliant session with Martyn. After the warm-up the focus was on catching both one and two handed. This was also helped by accurate throws towards the hands. This was bulit into a game of throwing, catching and moving which the children loved. Each week he will build up and add a new element.

Virtual Challenges

As with the Autumn Term we are not allowed to travel to do competetive sport so we now do Virtual Challenges. This term the focus is on Invasion Sport skills. There are 5 challenges in all. Challenge 1 was to pass the football through someones legs as many times as possible in 60 seconds. Challenge 2 was to throw a ball 1 metre in the air and catch it. How many could they do in 60 seconds?

More challenges to follow next week.

This half term the children have been working on their football skills. The focus has been on good control and making sure passes have been completed between pairs accurately. To encourage the children to have close control thieves were deployed to see if they could steal any balls. Most kept the ball safely.