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Gamston Church of England Primary School

Be the best you can be

Collective worship

Be the best you can be

'Be strong and courageous'   'God will not leave or forsake you'    (Deuteronomy 31:16)

 'Shine like lights in the world'    (Philippians 2:15)


Collective Worship

Worship forms a very special part of daily life in school, whether we gather together as a whole school family or spend time together in our classes or Key Stages. It is a time to learn from Bible stories and events, share an understanding of God’s love and relate the Gospel message and its values to our everyday lives. It is also a time for prayer and reflection and an opportunity to refer to current world-wide events or issues which may, or may not, affect our lives.


At Gamston we believe that it is important to develop core values by which to live and moral standards that build children's character, spiritual awareness and self-esteem. We feel a deep responsibility to nurture and explore the core values that are shared across faiths.

We advocate the virtues of:

Respect, Justice, Courage, Compassion, Forgiveness, Service, Friendship. While these gifts are inclusive of human values, we anchor them into the Christian faith by relating them to the Bible through stories, readings, reflection and prayer

All classes have a chance to present Collective Worship and we welcome parishioners and visiting ministers ito our school to lead acts of worship.

In Spring 2 we shall be exploring the meaning of FORGIVENESS.

We are sorry that we have had to stop our Friday Special Mentions Family Worship, but we hope that it won't be too long before we will be able to share this special time again.


OUR SCHOOL Assemblies - during partial school closure

Lent Challenge 2021 ‘Look after yourself and the world!’ 24 Acts for 40 Days

Church@Home all age worship - to support families, to worship and grow in faith during this time.See newsletters from 07.02.21

During the COVID-19 restrictions, we will be inviting parents to join our assemblies remotely every Monday and Friday. All the information will be sent to you via Class Dojo on the day. We hope that you will enjoy taking part with your children.

This is an initiative from Christian Aid and the Church of England and invites children and young people to write letters reflecting on what caring for creation