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It is our belief at Gamston that effective safeguarding of children puts children at the centre of a culture where we listen and respond to what they say. Safeguarding is every adult's responsibility. Every individual within our school will play their part, along with professionals from other agencies, in meeting the needs of every one of our unique children.

Children will be taught about safeguarding issues, including online safety, in a way that is age appropriate. Our school aims to provide a safe environment and vigilant culture where children and young people can learn and be safeguarded. If there are safeguarding concerns we will respond with appropriate action in a timely manner for those children who may need help or be suffering, or likely to suffer, significant harm.


Where staff or others need to raise concerns, these should be made to a member of the safeguarding team:

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Karen Slater.








Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Helen Thomas.





  • Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Linda Hardy.

​​​​​​​       Contact: